Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breakfast x 2

Whoa.... I am really playing up the romance thing in this blog lately... I hope it makes you uncomfortable.

So, with it being 46 degrees and pouring rain outside today (I love the OR coast) what better to do than cook two breakfasts?

I have been wanting to make cornmeal pancakes for ever, so they were a given on the menu this morning.
I also made a smoked gouda omelet for this boy that I like who is not a fan of pancakes.... jerk.

I am also going to take this time to mention that some of the recipes to follow are going to be a bit vague and unfinished.... or just not included. Why?

drum roll, please

I (in collaboration with my cute bf) have started working on a cookbook and apparently it is not ideal to take a cookbook to a publisher when all of your recipes are already online for free. Also, as last nights pork chop goes to show, sometimes the first try with a new recipe does not go according to plan. I was ready to order pizza, but whatever.

I can now write off grocery bills and act like I have a good reason to cook 5 meals a day. Things are looking up.

cornmeal pancakes with glazed bananas.

I could eat a bowl of glazed bananas.... freaking delicious. I also kept the pancakes on the less sweet side to play up the fruit and  maple syrup.

note: I am Canadian and absolutely offended by fake maple syrup. There is no easier way to break my heart than to give me pancakes topped with sugary chemicals. 

To glaze bananas:
Cut bananas any way you would like. I cut mine into medallions as well as lengthwise. I like to mix it up, duh.
Melt a little butter in a sauté pan. Toss bananas lightly in sugar and then place in pan. Flip when golden and just beginning to cook. You need to keep an eye on them. Mushy bananas are for babies.

boy food. 

Smoked gouda omelet:
Green onions
Smoked gouda cheese

We just happened to have gouda and onions in the fridge and omelets are best for cleaning out the refrigerator. I am currently having a bit of a love affair with smoked gouda. Not only is it cheesy and amazing.... but it gives a smokey flavor to anything that you add it to. Also amazing- smoked mozzarella. Mmm. Back to eggs......

I still have trouble keeping my omelets from turning into scrambles, but I am getting better. The only thing I hate about omelets is that they always taste dry. Today I added a little milk as well as water and they were super fluffy and not dry at all. 

I sauteed the veggies first and added them and the cheese at the end. 

I am pretty sure I have said this in another eggy post, but remove eggs from heat about a minute before they are done cooking to make up for the carryover cooking. Over cooked eggs are gross. 

It is pouring. 

I love Oregon. 

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