Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday morning.

....Monday morning.
I am on vacation, which totally gives me the power to mix my days around as I feel fit.

So, I come to you with the utmost blogging dedication from a cute little cafe on the Oregon coast....

I'm surprised they haven't kicked us out yet.

Where the view across the street is this........

puts CA to shame.

And you should feel awful for me because my life is SO hard.

We had breakfast in Portland yesterday. Mmmm. Good food and probably one of my absolute favorite cities.

Biscuit with eggs and cheese from Pine State Biscuits in Portland, OR.

Scrambled eggs
Tilamook cheddar cheese (I am in Oregon and surrounded by wonderful cheese)

I obviously did not jump behind the kitchen line and whip this up myself, but it's pretty self explanatory and I am sure very possible to make at home.

the McIsley.

Richard had a biscuit with fried chicken, pickles, dijon mustard, and honey.

Richard also made fun of me for ordering chocolate milk instead of coffee, but it was made with gnash.... 'nuff said.

Pine State Biscuits:

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