Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just call me Nana.

If anyone can name someone under the age of 60 that spends their day between the garden and 8 hours making meatballs--- please let me know.

Yes, this happened.

Before you have some smart ass remark run through your mind please be aware that my meatballs are effing amazing. Like "Nana spent the day in the kitchen pouring blood sweat and tears into these babies" kind of amazing.

pre homemade, garden fresh marinara sauce.

1 pound ground beef
1 pound ground pork (you can also do 1/2 pound veal and 1/2 pound pork.... but I did not this time)
Finely chopped onion
Fresh parsley
2 Eggs
1 1/2 cup or so of breadcrumbs (fresh are best, but I was lazy)
Onion Powder
Dried Oregano
Whatever other herbs I found in the pantry that looked like they would taste nice.....
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese (if you have a microplane, then use it. If you don't, then get one.)
Salt and pepper

Meatballs are one of those things that I make different every time. So.....
Meatballs: April 26, 2011. Version 12, 578.
Combine meats, eggs, breadcrumbs.... and the rest of the ingredients. Yep, put everything in a big bowl and get your hands nice and dirty. It won't kill you. 
Form mixture into 2 inch balls (this is obviously a rough measurement, but be my guest- pull out that ruler and have at it.)
Heat oil (I use half olive oil and half canola oil) in a cast iron skillet. Keep pan over medium-low heat so that you do not deep fry your balls. Nana would never deep fry balls. 
Brown the meatballs evenly on all sides. Once browned, place them in the homemade marinara sauce that you already have cooking at a low simmer. (That means you should have started prepping your sauce about an hour prior..... unless you use store bought and then we are not on speaking terms and you are on your own.) The meatballs should be covered in sauce or else they will dry out. 
Technically, you can cook the meatballs for 30 minutes or so (until they are cooked through) and they will taste great. I had to go to work and left them on a very very VERY low simmer for upwards of 4 hours and they were absolutely delicious. Keep in mind- I used such low heat that there was no browning on the bottom of my pot or any simmering bubbles. Very low heat. 
Serve with marinara sauce on top of spaghetti (all covered with cheese.....) Duh.  

I am preparing for my birthday by acting like an old woman (one month and counting.... presents will be accepted.)
I will totally be a G.I.L.F. 
So hot. 

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