Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Portland, how you charm me.

I have been sitting in front of the computer for about 25 minutes now and all I have managed to do is get up and eat food. Twice. This is exactly the opposite of how one should prepare for a pool side weekend in Vegas coming up in less than two months. Dammit.

I think I am definitely experiencing a case of post-vacation depression. After 10 days of splashing through tide pools and hanging out in my favorite city can you really blame me? We ended up spending the last two nights of our vaca back in Portland gorging ourselves with food and adult beverages (sounds much more dignified than saying "booze.") The usual. 

Dining in Portland is amazing. There are creative and inspiring restaurants on just about every corner and you don't have to pay the La La land rate of $27.00 for a pork belly entree (and a view of some big fake boobs) that should really only cost $16.00. I was in heaven.

family style at pok pok.

Amazing cocktails and appetizers at Whiskey Soda Lounge made the 2 hour wait to get a table at Pok Pok worth every minute. I washed down Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings with a Salted Plum Vodka Collins... or two.... and was a very happy girl as we made the trek across the street to famed Pok Pok.

Pok Pok was beyond deserving of all the hype. The 15 table dining area provided a wonderful atmosphere and the food was absolutely delicious. Chef Andy Ricker gives a menu of authentic street like Thai food. No pad thai or basics.... just very inventive and flavorful dishes that you would find in a pub in Asia. MMMMM.

We ordered an array of dishes to share from pork belly, boar's collar meat, and flank steak to brussel sprouts, coconut rice, and mustard greens. Really, REALLY good food. 

The previous night we ate at Grain and Gristle, which was also fabulous. 

If I ever open a restaurant I am moving to Portland. 
I might need to move there anyways....obsessed. 

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