Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday morning.

I may need to stop referring to these as "Sunday morning" posts.

It is now Tuesday.

Blame the vacation..... and being stranded in the middle of nowhere for a night.

nowhere land.

14 hours prior to my Jetta leaving me beyond disappointed in her and me leaving my boyfriend with a glimpse of what a temper tantrum could have looked like.......

Please note the "could have...."
Not a good idea to have a temper tantrum in front of a boy. Car broken down, stranded, craving pizza, no hot water in the hotel, too tired to get naked.... none of the above in an excuse for acting bat shit crazy. You will be driving that broken down, piece of shit Jetta home by yourself and I will have no sympathy for you. Drama free is the way to be. You're welcome. 

.....Ok, so 14 hours prior we were enjoying our second breakfast at Random Order Coffee where we ate amazing chicken pot pie. Yes, for breakfast. 

We enjoyed breakfast there the day before as well. Coffee, snacks, and a city view. 
We nursed our hangovers with Baileys and coffee and reminisced about all of the things that you should not tell your boyfriend when you have had one too many cocktails. 

Do not ask your boyfriend of 3 months to move to Portland with you when you are in the middle of ordering a grilled cheese and french fries so that you can see straight. 
Ask him when you are sober. 
When he looks at you like you have lost your mind (which you probably have) tell him you were totally kidding..... which you weren't. 

Next Sunday is back to eggs and good decisions. Promise.

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  1. I would like to state for the record that is not at all the look I gave her. It was more of a "wow, that doesn't scare me at all." But her version is cuter ;-).