Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pick your veggies.... and eat them, too.

I have a garden.
If you know me, you know this.

If you know me, you also know that I share my garden with this sweet boy who... let's be honest.... does 90% of the work because he thinks I am the bee's knees. (I think he is more, but don't tell him.)

Annnnnd if you know Rich and I and have been to our humble abode anytime in the last 6 months, you know that our garden is blooming.
A lot.

How do you know this?
Because if you have come over anytime in the last 6 months you have been taken (forced) to go on one of Richard's  GARDEN TOURS....  of the deck, the front yard, the side yard.....

Not to brag, but.....

freshly picked garden salad.

Yep. All hand picked this morning from the garden. 
Well, except the chicken. 
Katie will not let me get anymore animals..... can dogs be taught to lay eggs?

PS. I'm pretty preachy about making your own salad dressing..... but I must admit my obsession with Stevie's Vinaigrette. It is well worth having it shipped from North Carolina (thank you Bruce and Cindy)

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