Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

I have a very love/hate relationship with mornings. 

Being up with the sun
Hearing the birds chirp
Enjoying the silence before my 4 crazy mutts are tearing around the house
Getting everything done before 9am

Waking up without my cute husband
Being up with the sun
Hearing the birds chirp
Having coffee jitters

Yes, you will notice that breakfast is first on my love list (of course.)

I have seasonal insomnia. That's what I call it. In the summer, when the sun is up at 5am, I am right there dragging myself out of bed with it holding back tears and yawns simultaneously. Similarly as the sun sets later, I find myself, wine in hand, toasting the sunset, and the hours that follow. (But that's another story). So... as soon as I hear the birds chirping behind our blackout curtains (that don't work at all) I have visions of suicide dancing about in my head.... that is until I remember that I can eat breakfast. God, I am such a fat kid. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you will understand this very clearly if you ever spend a morning with me before I have had it. If I don't eat within 10 minutes of being out of bed, I am not a person that anyone wants to know, have known, or even have heard of at some point. I am not a good person when I am hungry (see definition of HANGRY below) and I am starving the second that my eyes open. 

HANGRY: (adj.) When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.  The state of anger and irritability from being hungry.
(You can also see: Richard Keith 3 times a day)

One of the keys to a happy marriage is happy mornings and avoiding becoming Hangry at all costs. Thankfully for everyone living at the Keith house, this recipe is quick, simple, and fool proof. Don't have one of the ingredients? Substitute it for something else. Add bacon, add avocado, subtract the cheese... whatever. This is my favorite way...

1 slice of some sort of super healthy, whole grain, squirrel food bread
1 slice of cheese (I usually stick to sharp cheddar or jarlsberg)
1 farm fresh egg
A few slices of tomato
Some sliced onion
Salt, pepper, and chives for garnish

That's right, there's no measurements because there is no need for that right now. It's the morning for god's sake!

In a skillet over medium heat, heat a little olive oil, butter, margarine, whatever you are into and place the slice of bread topped with the slice of cheese in the skillet and heat until the cheese is melty and the bottom of the bread is nice and crispy. Remove the bread from the pan and set aside. 

Crack your egg, give it a good scramble, and cook it in the same olive oiled skillet for a few minutes until it is, well, cooked. This isn't rocket science, people. If you're super hungry- scramble two eggs! Go crazy. 

Take your cheesy bread, top it with the sliced tomatoes, onion, scrambled eggs and garnish with some chives and salt and pepper to taste. 

I wasn't kidding.... breakfast in 10 minutes. You're welcome. 

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