Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How does your garden grow? a windowsill.

mary, mary quite contrary.

Ok. So maybe it's not really a garden so much as it's a few really cute plants that sit in my kitchen and are edible, but I write this blog from a lovely studio apartment (in a very big city) that may not have a yard, but still manages to have a watering can.

Us city dwelling girls sacrifice our feet for very pretty shoes and give up having a yard to be able to pay rent and that is that.

Most herbs only need partial sunlight and do quite well in a windowsill..... or, if you are so lucky,  a mostly shaded patio.

I bought all my plants at my local farmers market. They are organic and since they are being grown indoors, it is easy to keep them that way.

There is nothing tastier than fresh herbs.... especially when you can brag about growing them yourself.

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