Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 7

Let me just say.... since I actually started cooking in culinary school (as opposed to sitting and being hungry for 4 hours) the amount of laundry I do on a weekly basis is really admirable.

Today we had our first written exam (yawn) and our first practical exam.

60 minutes. 4 sauces. Seemingly simple....

Really stressful.

Ok- mostly stressful for those around me. I did pretty awesome.

We had to make Merchant de Vin, Beurre Blanc, Hollandaise, and Bechamel.

My Merchant de Vin, Beurre Blanc, and Bechamel were all perfect. Duh.

Hollandaise still makes me want to slit my wrists (the proper way that actually kills you or puts you in the hospital with lots of flowers and balloons.) Seriously. I hate Hollandaise. I don't even enjoy eating it that much. Ugh.

My hollandaise was a little bit thick. Kind of like mayonnaise. Also gross.
Easy fix, though. I could have either added a little water, or made sure that my clarified butter was at a higher temperature as I added it to my egg yolk.

Eggs benedict? No thanks.

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