Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burrata and Black Truffle Crostini

My two favorite things ever= truffles and burrata.
I am a real pricey pain in the ass, I am aware (as is my boyfriend.)

So, one can imagine my enthusiasm when I saw burrata and truffle crostini on the menu at Osteria Mamma in Hollywood.

Served with prociutto and arugula, it is pretty much the only thing I ever want to eat again. That good.

Wonderful wine, amazing pasta, a very cute boy..... perfect date place and SO reasonably priced.

I am a fan. A huge one.


Toasted baguette rubbed with garlic and olive oil
Burrata cheese
Black truffles

I am stealing this appetizer for every dinner party I throw for the rest of my life. 
Look forward to your invitation.... I love hostess presents. 

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