Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Engagement Chicken...... part two.

It has now been 8 minutes of me staring at this blank screen because It has been so long since I blogged (43 days) that I don't know where to start, how to apologize to my 7 followers, or how to stop being so damn distracted by the fact that now when I type all I see is a big shiny diamond on my finger.

It's true......

Exhibit A. He put a ring on it. 

So, I now blog to you as an engaged lady (who may or may not be about 5 pounds heavier from a 2 week vacation in the south where everything is delicious.)

I am engaged. I have a fiance..... I am a fiance. 

Where to start...?....?

A. Let me say it one more time.
I am engaged. Richard proposed while we were in Myrtle Beach, which was the last place that his grandmother wore the stunning antique ring that is now on my finger. I have since been in a whirlwind of bridal magazines, engagement parties, and butterflies. I get to marry my best friend.

B. I spent 2 wonderful weeks in the south. 
I have now been to North Carolina,  South Carolina and Tennessee...... Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Blowing Rock, Charleston and everywhere that serves fried green tomatoes in-between. I met Rich's family and couldn't be more blessed that I get to now call them my family
(let's see how much more I can gush....)

C. I ate at Bon Appetit's "Best New Restaurant in America." 

OMG- finally something that has to do with food! I pulled the "....but I'm a chef" string while we were in Charleston and actually got a table at Husk. We got a table and I, sick as usual, lost my taste buds and even after two shots of moonshine (Rich said it would clear my sinuses, I think he just wanted to get me drunk) I couldn't taste a damn thing. However, the food looked amazing and R said it was fantastic. 

D. I graduated Culinary School. 
Thank God. As wonderful as Le Cordon Bleu was, I am so happy to be done. I am also happy to remember when it feels like to be rested and wake up when the sun is actually out. 

I think that just about summarizes the last month...... making this is the point where I would usually stop bragging and start blogging about some great new recipe that you have to try. A recipe with some smart ass remark about food would be paired with a cute picture that I took on my iPhone and would try to pass off as artistic, but everyone knows I just took it in hipstamatic.......

Big problem.

All of the 2,369 photos of food that I have taken over the last 6 months and promised myself I would eventually blog about- GONE. All of my photos of southern food that would have made you melt like the butter that they were made with- GONE. My iPhone.... GONE. 

Note: Do not leave your iPhone in your shopping cart at Whole Foods. UGH. 

So my dear readers (or..... 7 followers, my mother, and a couple a Facebook friends) we are starting from scratch. No backlogged recipes or photos from April that I am going to pretend were form the night before....... from here on out it's all new recipes, fresh pictures, and more than one blog entry per month. Promise. 

PS. We are now officially The Brady Bunch.... of dogs.

yes..... 4.

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  1. That so sucks about your phone. But its So awesome about your upcoming wedding! Wahoo! Being married is literally THE BEST thing in the entire world. No joke. And I love the brady bunch dogs;)