Thursday, November 15, 2012

I left my heart (and appetite) in Napa.

I have been full for three days and I actually am repulsed by the very thought of wine.

Rich, Marco and I were in Napa this past weekend and you can only imagine the shape we left that town in. We left no glass empty and no perfectly cooked pork rib behind.

I don't even know where to begin..... between the amazing Napa restaurants, the wine tastings, and the parties, I left Napa 15 pounds heavier, with permanently purple stained teeth, and not a regret in my mind.

I guess we will start with the most important part of the weekend----besides Richard's film, "Grow Up Already" being a selection in the Napa Valley Film Festival.... you know, the whole reason we were there......


Private tasting at Shafer. 

We did some AMAZING tastings including: Stags' Leap Winery, Shafer, Cliff Lede, Regussi, Heitz (one of the few American vineyards to grow Marco's favorite, Grignoliono), Grigch, Mumm Napa, Dutch Henry, Page Wine Cellars & Revolver Wine Co., Pine Ridge, and Silverado Vineyards (owned by Walt Disney's Daughter), to mention a few...  and by few I mean NOT EVEN HALF of the wonderful wines we tasted.

Richard, Marco, and I with our lovely friends Erin and Joe 
in front of the manor house at Stags' Leap Winery. 

The opening night gala was held at Robert Mondavi and featured some amazing chef's from Napa as well as some amazing wine. We indulged in a '98 Reserve Cabernet for the majority of the evening.

Once we found the man pouring this wine we managed to stay next to him until he ran out......

My handsome hubby.

My other handsome hubby.

so much amazing food.

We also were lucky enough to attend a tasting of all of the Stags' Leap District Cabernets (to die for), most of which, as you can see we already visited in person. We also had a fabulous dinner (complete with all you can drink wine pairings) at Allora Vineyards that evening, both put on by the festival. 

Winemaker's Dinner

The only photo I remember taking at the Cabernet tasting :/ the rest were lost with my memory and dignity from that afternoon. 

We managed to squeeze in a late night sushi stop at Morimoto Napa where I had some of the best pork ribs I have ever had in my life. 

Yes, I am the girl who orders ribs at a sushi restaurant.

While we decided dropping $500.00 per person at French Laundry was out of the question, we did manage to fit in a stop at Thomas Keller's Bouchon for some hot chocolate and Better Nutters.... the best cookie known to man. 

Pastries at Bouchon

My favorite restaurant that we ate at was called Farmstead in St. Helena. Farm-to-table on the farm? I'll take it. My hubbies and I ate there our first night in town and ordered enough food to feed a  medium sized country. Prosciutto sandwiches, grilled artichokes, beet salad, ribs, a pork chop with apple relish and pickled shallots, polenta, brussels sprouts, and 2 orders of cast iron mac and cheese. Yes, that's all. Left overs? Barely.

We even returned on Sunday for brunch......

new friends!

a much needed bacon bloody mary

grilled artichokes


harvest vegetable rissoto

bacon, obviously.

eggs benedict

Clearly we were not very waistline minded while there, but we did leave a little wine left for Rich and I's return in January... though, not much. 

Hendrix and Lucy also enjoyed Napa.... from inside the car. They were asked to leave the hotel during the day due to "terrier chattiness...." or as we call it- excessive barking. However, we were so surprised at how dog friendly Napa was.... they made lots of friends and Hendrix now owns the majority of the grape vines at all of the vineyards that we visited........

*A disclaimer for our mothers*
We know we should not have drank so much wine because it can be harmful for our health. We are sorry. But since we can't lie to our mothers, it will happen again.

To my mother- I know I have a family history of high cholesterol... in the future I will try not to coat my insides with pork fat and brie cheese. Oopsie. 

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