Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY: Wedding Band

While your wedding vows may be until death, odds are your husbands wedding ring is not. So, if you need to remind the wandering eyes of other actresses and waitresses that your man is taken, sometimes you have to make a wedding ring on the go. Luckily if you're wearing a pair of jean shorts, there's a quick fix. Just follow my recipe for this DIY Wedding Band.

I wonder what he's supposed to remember!?

Frayed Jean Shorts... or string.

Pull a piece of string from the frayed part of your jean shorts. Not wearing shorts? That's ok. A piece of string will do. Grab your husband's hand, not too tight even though you might want to strangle him, and tie the string around his "wedding finger" as I call it.

Live happily ever after in married bliss.

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