Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines DIY....

I am having a really hard time writing this blog because all I can manage to do is sit here and stare at our FILTHY apartment. I feel I should also point out that according to Richard, "this is not filthy by guy standards." So I guess I should more accurately say, our apartment looks more like the back room of an arts and crafts store.

One corner of the living room is piled high with different colored tulle from my latest DIY project. The coffee table is covered in pearls and scraps of twine from making bracelets for my darling flower girls. The kitchen.... as usual.... has 3 different stovetop creations cooking away and the dining room table is piled high with sad looking Valentines Day decorations that are about 24 hours past their prime... which after the drinks I had at dinner last night, is also how I feel at the moment (more on this later.) Okay, in hindsight, maybe I went a little overboard this year....

But come on, a holiday that celebrates love with obnoxious pink and red sparkly hearts and cheesy sayings to fill your darling's head with? Please. I LOVE this day.... and 2 hours ago anyone that would have walked in off the streets would have taken one look at my (our) apartment and could have said with certainty one of two things: A. I robbed a hallmark store or B. At one point.... Cupid MUST have lived and /or died here.... or something along those lines.

yes, I did cut out all those hearts by hand. 

My (our) apartment looked like a scene out of any man's worst nightmare... paper hearts strung from every corner, red and white dollies (heart shaped, duh) covering every inch of space visible to the human eye, and valentines piled high on every surface...... what can I say? I'm a romantic.... and I am also someone who will take any opportunity to decorate, throw a party, or plan a totally cheesy expression of my undying love for my VERY patient and sweet fiancé.

So 3 paragraphs later we are going to get to my point (it takes longer to get there with every blog I write... which based on the other long-winded blogs I read, means I'm in danger of officially becoming a real blogger.) To my point... I swear!

A breakfast worthy for St. Valentine himself.

On the menu:
Caramelized onion and bell pepper omelets with melted jack cheese.
Heart shaped bacon bites
Fresh mixed berries
Heart shaped toast

Yes.... "heart shaped" was indeed typed twice up there..... I already admitted that I went over board, but hey..... the way to a man's heart is with food (even if that same food will slowly kill his heart), no matter what shape it may be in.

How to charm his socks off with heart shaped bacon bites:

Begin by cutting each strip of bacon in half. Then, on a lined and rimmed pan (unless you want bacon fat flooding your oven) take the 2 halves of bacon and form hearts. Each half strip of bacon will be on side of the heart. 

Bake in a 400 degree oven for 18-20 minutes.

...more heart shaped perfection.


his and hers mugs hand crafted by yours truly.

Now, I know what you are thinking "Gosh, Sarah, you are the best fiancé ever.... how does Richard ever live up to this high standard of romance and creativity that you have set?" Well, let me tell you....

My darling fiancé proved his love to me with a stunning bouquet of broccoli flowers that he grew himself (gosh, I love him) and the most fabulous Valentines dinner date. He is a charmer. 

freshly picked form our garden. 

We had dinner at Fig and Olive and it was fantastic. Now, I am not the biggest fan of dining a la prix fixed menu, but I must say that the food definitely lived up to the hype. Everything was wonderfully prepared and the service was amazing. 

For your viewing pleasure and to get your mouth watering......

 I started with a braised veal tenderloin carpaccio with caper mayonnaise, shaved mushrooms, and pine nuts. Unfortunately I was so hungry I didn't stop to take a picture of this amazing dish.

For my main course I had a grilled free- range chicken breast marinated in fresh thyme and white truffles and served with leek confit and truffled mashed potatoes.

2 cucumber martinis later and a very full stomach later......
I am a girl who rarely finishes her plate and I may have well licked it clean last night. I even had a few bites of Richard's grass fed Filet mignon. Every single bite was to die for. I think I still smell of truffles. 

And while I've mentioned my aversion to pre-fixe menus,
the one bonus is, they INCLUDE desert. Which means you
have to eat it, right?
Yes, that is a plate with 3 different desserts. 
A heart shaped chocolate soufflé.
Lavender and honey madeline.
Amaretto ice cream. 
oh my. 

So, to sum up this years Valentine's Day, my first and last with my fiancé (next year he'll be my husband, yay) in one word... over-indulgence. Does a hyphenate count as two words? Either way, Valentine's Day is a holiday of excess. Excess food, excess wine, and excessive romance. And I for one, excessively love it.

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